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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Tom Myers – BodyReading 101 Download

Tom Myers – BodyReading 101 Download

Tom Myers - BodyReading 101 Download
Tom Myers – BodyReading 101 Download

Body reading is both an art and a skill. BodyReading 101: Visual Assessment is a set of 3 DVDs that builds your abilities step-by-step from reading the skeletons relative position to seeing the soft-tissue restraints involved in creating the position, to strategies for unwinding the problem.

Prompted by increased demand within and outside the bodywork and massage therapy community, Thomas Myers shares his secrets on visual analysis based on more than 30 years of studying and working with the human body. He has assembled a fun, unique and highly applicable step-by-step process for developing visual analysis skills that can make an immediate difference in how practitioners approach their clients based on posture. Accurate bodyreading can detect strain patterns that lead to pain, often finding the key at some distance away from the obvious site of pain or injury.

Often said to be un-teachable, these skills are not only learnable, they are fun and immediately applicable to your practice. With more than 30 practice clients for standing posture and 12 for gait analysis, plus sections on assessing breathing and sitting, the 3-DVD set lets you test your own growing understanding before getting Toms expert opinion with his experienced eye.

The 3.5 hours DVD set is ideal for manual practitioners such as chiropractors, massage therapists, and osteopaths, as well as movement therapists such as Feldenkrais practitioners, personal trainers, Pilates and yoga teachers, or anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of postural issues and develop strategies for unwinding the problems.

Bodyreading is an art, but it is also a skill set, said Thomas Myers. Oftentimes, the key to strain patterns that lead to pain patterns occurs at some distance from the site of injury. From reading the relative position of the skeleton, to seeing the soft-tissue involved in creating the position, my students will learn to identify the tilts, shifts, bends, rotations, and soft-tissue restraints of suboptimal postures, and develop strategies for applying these skills in manual and movement therapies. Upon viewing this DVD, you will never again be bored at an airport!

DVD Contents
DVD 1: Introduction, Vocabulary, Mirror Use, Exercises, Standing Assessments 1
DVD 2: Standing Assessments 2 & 3, Walking Assessments
DVD 3: Breathing & Sitting Assessment, Standing Case Studies, Walking case Studies.

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