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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Todd Brown – MFA Internal Traffic Training Download

Todd Brown – MFA Internal Traffic Training Download

Todd Brown - MFA Internal Traffic Training Download
Todd Brown – MFA Internal Traffic Training Download
  • Which campaign types work best for high-level scaling on Facebook, and the only 3 key metrics you need to understand so you can scale rapidly and profitably…
  • How to save of ton of time and money by knowing the “right audience” to target when doing minimum viable testing. This will allow you to know if your offer is working quickly without tons of guesswork or wasted ad dollars…
  • How to navigate through the mess of numbers like frequency and relevance and laser in on exactly what data you need to pay attention to to keep your ads running profitably…
  • ​How to dramatically simplify the ad creatives you are using and the process we use to systematically create ad iterations and optimize performance…
  • ​The retargeting strategy we use which generates the highest ROI of any campaign we run and can be set up in roughly 15 minutes…
  • ​How I learned to dramatically boost relevance on any ad before you ever start your actual campaign, ultimately unlocking lower overall ad spends…

Launching MORE Profitable Ad Campaigns…

Quickly & Easily
Here’s exactly what you’re getting:
  • The Facebook Compliance Checklist – Discover how to navigate Facebook compliance correctly, so you scale predictably and consistently without worrying about your ad account shutting down.
  • The Facebook Funnel Model Cheat Sheet – This will give you the most profitable and proven funnel models to use for your ad campaigns (and give you examples for each one).
  • The Quick & Easy Technical Setup Checklist – Now you can save a lot of time by getting your ads set up quick and easy without needing to be tech savvy.
  • The High Relevance Score Checklist – Here’s my personal guide for increasing the relevance score on my ads, which radically drop your ad costs with little to no effort involved.
  • The Ad & Funnels Metric Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet will tell you exactly which metrics to look at (and which ones to ignore) if you want to focus on creating profitable ad campaigns.
  • The Webinar Funnel Quickstart Guide – If you’re running a webinar, then you’ll want to keep this guide handy when looking to optimize your funnel for maximum sales.
  • The Ad Conversion Diagnosis Flowchart – Never get stuck trying to figure out why your ads aren’t working because this ad diagnosis flowchart will show you exactly how to fix them.
  • The Simple Scaling Cheat Sheet – Once you create a winning ad campaign, this cheat sheet will give you the simple rules for scaling it predictably without burning money in the process.
  • The Conversion Hierarchy Pyramid – This graphic is your quick reference for always staying focused on the THREE major factors that lead to massive online conversions.
  • The Facebook Feedback Learning Loop Cheat Sheet – Targeting the right AUDIENCE on Facebook is the most profitable thing you can do. This will show you exactly how to do that.

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