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Shaan Puri – Power Writing Download

Shaan Puri – Power Writing Download

Shaan Puri – Power Writing Download
Shaan Puri – Power Writing Download

Become 2x Better at Writing in 8 Days

I will give you the techniques & templates you need to write killer emails, blog posts & landing pages.

1000s of hours of study and practice packaged into 8 days of learning to help you level up like I did.

♦ What we’ll work on together

  • Cold emails that actually work
    While most people don’t use them often, getting your cold email right can change everything.
  • Writing landing pages that convert
    You can move around buttons and redesign your pages all you want but it’s copy is the most effective attribute in getting more dollars out of the visitors on your site.
  • The secret to going viral
    If a tree falls down in a forest, nobody hears it. Same for your writing when you have no audience.
  • Pitching your brand without stumbling and fumbling
    Ever been on an airplane where the person next to you asks what you do? We’ve all been there.
  • How to write amazing headlines
    Great content only gets read if there’s a great headline.
  • Writing like Jeff Bezos (what I learned at Amazon)
    Jeff Bezos is widely known as one of the best CEOs of all-time and I just spent the past 2 years working on the Twitch executive team.

⇒ Who I made this course for

  1. The “growth” or “marketing” person at your company
  2. Someone who wants to have a big loyal audience like I have built
  3. CEOs or future execs who want to write like a boss

♦ Meet your instructor

Shaan Puri
Former CEO of Bebo (sold to Twitch)

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