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Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Download

Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Download

Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Download
Ruben Hassid – How to Prompt ChatGPT in 2024 Download

Prompt Engineering: Simplified.

I reached 100+ million people sharing my prompt techniques on the internet.

I ended up being an international speaker on prompt engineering for Google (Tel Aviv), LinkedSummit (Denmark) or the B2B Summit (Paris).

Today, I share everything I know in one masterclass.

How to prompt ChatGPT

☑ 9 videos to know how to prompt.

→ The basics

→ Zero-Shot vs. Few-Shot

→ Tree of Thought Prompting

→ Multimodality

→ Chain of Thoughts

→ Advanced Prompt Engineering

→ Meta Prompting

→ Create A Prompt With Me #1

→ Create A Prompt With Me #2

The copy-paste library

☑ My personal Notion prompt library.

→ Marketing prompts

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Viral Campaign
  • The Omni-Channel Roadmap
  • Tagline
  • The Brand Storytelling Template
  • Brand Identity
  • YouTube → Content Ideas
  • Perfect Hook
  • Twitter Thread Generator
  • Viral Post Analyzer
  • Content Calendar

→ Writing prompts

  • Pixar Storytelling Framework
  • Children Book
  • Script Writing
  • Nike Ad Script
  • 48 Laws of Power Copywriting
  • Blog
  • Revamp Landing Page
  • Real time voice translation
  • Speech like Steve Jobs
  • TED Talk
  • Translation
  • Creative Brief

→ Business prompts

  • Find Your Ikigai
  • Job Interview Simulation
  • Resume / CV
  • Cover Letter
  • One-Person Business Plan
  • Solopreneur Content Plan
  • The Netflix Effect
  • Stoicism Guidance
  • Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle
  • Tree of Thought
  • CSV: Analyse my form

→ Sales prompts

  • Quote Maker
  • Chris Voss Techniques
  • Harvard Negotiation
  • Value first
  • Linkedin Invitation Note


☑ All of my Cheat Sheets & resources.

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