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Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle Download

Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle Download

Roland Frasier - Consult Blueprint Bundle Download
Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle Download

Get My Simple Strategy & The Exact Blueprints I Use To Get Paid $25,000 For A 4-Hour Consult…

And Discover How You Can Use This Same Blueprint To Confidently Charge Any Price You Want And Deliver A High-Value Consultation That Is A Guaranteed Success, Every Time!

Roland Frasier

I’ve taught tens of thousands of aspiring investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and seasoned professionals alike how to grow scale and acquire highly-profitable businesses.

I’ve been honored to be in a position to help so many others and it has been incredibly rewarding to see so many find their own path to success…

However, I have a confession…

As much as I enjoy helping others, over 18 months ago I began to grow frustrated. After every event, speaking engagement, or gathering I attended I would get swamped with people wanting to ask me for my advice which lead to detailed questions about problems they were experiencing.

I love to connect with other ambitious entrepreneurs and I am always willing to help anyone I can…but if I’m being honest, it was a little overwhelming.

The constant “gotta minute” and “mind if I pick your brain” moments turned into energy-sucking conversations…

And maybe you can relate…

You don’t have the be a public figure, speaker, or celebrity to know what it’s like to have people constantly ask you for help and request more of your time and free advice…

And even worse, know that most of them will do nothing with the advice you give!

So why do we give others the time? I think it’s because most of us simply want to be good people and help others…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But the unfortunate reality is these constant “free advice” sessions often leave you feeling burned out, under-valued, and ultimately getting to a point where you feel like you’re…

Tired Of Wasting Time Giving Free Advice!

Then one day, everything instantly changed for me…

While speaking on stage one day, I was sharing a story about a situation that a client of mine was going through. I gave some high-value insights, walked off stage, and didn’t give the lesson much thought afterward…

But after the talk, while heading to the bathroom, I was literally ambushed by an attendee who ran a $60,000,000 business…

…eagerly wanting to give me 30% of his business.

At this point, I had made the decision to stop having “free advice” sessions and I told him “I’d love to help, but the way I do that now is with a half-day consult for $25,000.”

He didn’t blink an eye and immediately wired the whole $25,000 the same day.

And here’s the crazy part: he wasn’t the only one!

Multiple attendees had similar stories to what I shared on stage and they all wanted more time together.

One by one, I didn’t give any free advice and just listened to each of them. Then I gave my 3 sentence response to working more in-depth on their business…and one by one…they happily jumped at the $25,000 consulting half days…

This ultimately led to 75 half-day consulting clients in the next 12 months…

It was a life-changing experience…

If you’re tired of giving free advice…

If you want to eliminate the constant “gotta minute” sessions…

If you feel like you’re not charging enough for the value you provide your clients…

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