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[GET] Mortgage Message Move by Mike Paul Download

Mortgage Message Move by Mike Paul Download

Mortgage Message Move by Mike Paul Download
Mortgage Message Move by Mike Paul Download

Howdy Fellow Entrepreneur… I’m sure you know the key secret of business success: find a need and fill it.

And one such group of businesses – with a desperate need to deploy better methods – are residential mortgage consultants and brokers…

…which is where you can quickly carve out a very profitable, high status business becauseright now, it’s an untapped market with virtually zero competition.

Howdy… my name is Mike Paul and I’ve been involved in the real estate business and with mortgage brokers and consultants for many years.

I first got involved in real estate around 2001 and then, in the following fall, the atrocity of 9/11 slammed the real estate business into a brick wall.

And, in thdark days of general mass confusion that followed, the real estate business was turned upside down, with all the traditional methods of selling homes: open houses, canvassing home owners and mass mailings simply refusing to work.

I was fortunate that after year-long baptism of fire, where I barely clung on, I was introduced to a marketing expert from North Carolina who was very much a pioneer is using the – then – fledgling internet to generate leads in a new and better way.

Using these cutting edge methods I was able to quickly get my career as a realtor back on the rails.

Eventually I morphed from being a realtor myself to becoming a consultant, training other realtors in this new, better way of generating leads.

Then, quite by chance, I caught up with an old buddy from my school days.

Turns out he was also in the real estate business, too – only he was on the mortgage brokering side.

And he casually let skip how glad he was to be in the home loanside of the real estate business – although, I didn’t fully understand the reason why right away.

Long story short, it was only later on when

“It suddenly hit me like a freight train…”

By that time, I was no longer a pioneer in generating leads for real estate agents, who are now well versed in obtaining their own leads from the internet. In addition, companies like Century 21, ERA and Remax all offer these online marketing methods FREE.

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