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[GET] Learn To Trade Forex From Beginner To Advanced Download

Learn To Trade Forex From Beginner To Advanced Download

Learn To Trade Forex From Beginner To Advanced Download
Learn To Trade Forex From Beginner To Advanced Download
What you’ll learn
  • (1) Most the video contents are directly from my “Playbook” – an operation manual of trading that I use day in and day out. I will teach you how to use this methods of trading and analyzing the market.
  • (2) I will walk you through key building blocks of my trading system and eventually I will put them together to show you a complete trading system. In the lesson of “Strategy Summary” (at the end of this course), you will understand those information are now interconnected and forms a big picture to allow you plenty of room for development.

  • (3) I spend a lot of time explaining the rationale behind my trading rather than giving you some simple strategies. By going through these lessons one by one, you will understand how I view the market, how I think during the trading, and most importantly, why I trade this way. This is a commonly overlooked part in trading education because it needs market experience to teach. I think it helps to train your logic thinking and does you good when you begins to design trading system.

  • (4) The entire course is carefully designed. The logic is built section by section, chapter by chapter. YOU DO NOT WANT TO JUMP THE LESSON OR ELSE YOU MAY MISS IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Also, the homework is designed for a purpose. You need to do it to benefit from them.
  • (5) #CONTENTS BRIEFING# You will know following things from this course: (1) Right trading mindset which I talked about across the contents; (2) What candlestick (bar) formation I like to use and how I view the candlestick chart; (3) How to view price patterns and apply it in trading in simplest way; (4) How I define the trend and market environment; (5) How to play the trend trade and fade trend in different market environment; (6) How to form a comprehensive risk control framework in FX portfolio; (7) How to journal your trades and review them to find the loop holes; (8) How to develop a daily routine like professionals to progress each and every day; (9) How to do trading exercise to help you stay in tune with the market; (10) How to develop your trading system. And much more…
  • (6) #NOTICE# I will continuously update the course with real trading cases studies to help you understand how I articulate the trading system together with discretion to profit in the market. The more you stay with those contents, the more you will learn. So come and revisit this course from time to time!
  • PC or laptop with internet connnection
  • Basic Excel processing skill
  • Basic knowledge in financial markets
  • Open mind and logic thinking
  • Diligent and down-to-earth attitude

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