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Jason Fladlien – GOAT Webinars Download

Jason Fladlien – GOAT Webinars Download

Jason Fladlien – GOAT Webinars Download
Jason Fladlien – GOAT Webinars Download

GOAT Webinars will show you:

  • The 7 BEST hooks (and 7 more for ‘unique cases’) to not only JOLT your audience into paying attention but PREPROGRAM them to buy

  • 8 different strategies to ensure they’ll be desperate for a solution within the first 5-10 minutes

  • …then quickly get them drooling for your solution

  • How to fill your audience with genuine purchasing EXCITEMENT (such as the ‘exploit’ tactic that ‘shouldn’t be possible’ under ordinary circumstances)

  • The subtle method to prove beyond doubt that they will be hopeless without you and your product

  • The best way to sustain the ‘this is so obvious to buy I’d be a complete idiot not to’ mindset over the bulk of your webinar

  • How to teach and sell simultaneously to deliver the ‘WOW’ value you promised… without being that sleazy salesman

  • Scientifically proven, psychological lines to get people to say yes

  • A powerful blueprint to transition to your pitch that get you fired up to sell (especially if you’re nervous)

  • The DRAMATIC way to present your offer as ‘the one above all’ and make it a no brainer to buy

  • An extremely formulaic approach to pricing so it ALWAYS SEEMS LIKE A DEAL to your ideal customers

  • How to absolutely knock their socks off with ‘free’ value

  • Every method under the sun to eliminate their risk… AND all their reasons to say no to you

  • The little-known strategy to using scarcity to close the deal that doesn’t feel manipulative


If you’re at all nervous, lost or confused in any way…


Let me emphasize what this could mean for you.

I’ve hand-picked three of my best multi-million dollar webinars out of the vault…

Along with all the slide decks, transcripts AND the email sequences we used to promote the webinar, the replays and sell the offer itself.

You can’t find or even buy these anywhere else. Publicly or privately.

(Though I did have a client who begged me to give him all my webinar recordings for $25k!)

This means you can use these materials as straight-up templates and easily swap out the words to fit your product.

You can use them as a hand-holding guide to create your own incredibly successful webinar.

Or simply study the materials to glean insights like:

  • How to sell an offer that already has tough competition
  • The right way to handle your customer’s high risk perceptions around you, your product and themselves
  • A ‘cut and paste’ way to beat objections before they come up
  • How to demonstrate a complicated method in the most exciting way possible
  • A ‘deletion’ tactic that drives live sales like MAD
  • Spy on our process to attract people who didn’t come live, get them on the replay AND buy

This truly is the MOTHERLODE of all webinar swipes, and a must have.


Can you even visualize this much money? It’s a ridiculous amount.

And believe it or not…

That’s only what we made on the FRONT END.

This was the biggest internet marketing product launch in history…

And in this incredibly detailed breakdown you’re going to understand exactly how we did it, from ideation on day one until the very last day of the launch, including secrets like:

  • How we ‘stumbled’ on the idea to begin with
  • A brilliant ‘beta launch’ technique that crushed objections for a traditionally ‘risky’ niche
  • The one aspect to focus on that GREATLY improved my ability to sell on webinars
  • The top 5 things that mattered MOST to move the needle
  • Plus every relevant screenshot of our registration pages, sequences, high level plans and insider info.

This bonus by itself is a masterclass in launches, marketing and sales for you.


Many people can’t or don’t attend the live webinar, for whatever reason. Some people need a bit more time to decide if they want to buy.

You have my entire webinar process…

Now you’ll discover my secrets for getting the most people ON the live webinar, watching the replays and buying before the cart closes.


I regularly get webinar show up rates above 40-50%, which can generate as much as 50%+ of sales from the replay.

There are 3 pieces besides the webinar itself that really bring out the magic. Namely, the overall sequence of events, the emails and the landing pages.

In this masterclass you’ll discover:

  • The exact layout of the IDEAL 7 day webinar sequence
  • Best practices for writing emails and what they should include
  • How to NAIL the webinar registration page to get even the coldest of prospects excited to watch
  • The crucial page AFTER they register (that most people don’t take any advantage of!)
  • NO ONE does the ‘offer’ page right… this is the last step before they hit the buy button, so it’s extremely important to follow these instructions

This is the first bonus I would watch after finishing the main training!


While I was deconstructing my successful webinars, I noticed a ton of extra techniques that were responsible for millions of dollars…

Not including client or student results…

But weren’t part of the main ‘structure’.

I taught these 29 techniques live to my high level, $25k mastermind.

They’re simple, but powerful… where just one used the right way can be ridiculously profitable.

You can easily apply these in your webinars and OTHER marketing strategies today, such as:

  • Tweak #23: Use the Comedian’s Principle …to drastically improve the strength of your pitch
  • Tweak #8: Become an Empathy Engineer …to make even the driest content individually relevant
  • Tweak #12: Throw the Attention Flashbang …and practically SHOCK your audience into 110% focus
  • Tweak #25: Try the Curiosity Catalyst …to get people to stay till the end of your webinar
  • Tweak #4: The Objection Obliterator …to make everyone ‘on the fence’ say YES
  • Tweak #14: Present the Action Igniter …to force them to confront their reality if they DON’T buy
  • Tweak #26: Use the Price Reversal …to offer a bargain without sacrificing your positioning

With these, you WILL be able to make your campaigns winners.


Whether you are or aren’t planning on creating your own offers to sell, you need to watch this.

While this isn’t a ‘how to create a product’ training, there are several fundamental principles to understand in order to market effectively. Do this right…

And people will believe in you, your offer, and whatever you have to say.

The perceived value of your offer will skyrocket while keeping the time, money and energy you put into it as low as possible.

Plus, you’ll also get a few of my pricing strategy nuggets that make even the most expensive things feel like a deal!


If you’re starting with NO money, NO product and NO audience…

This is the bonus for you.

Affiliates are the fastest and easiest way to scale your sales. It enables you to tap into thousands of leads without spending a dime up front.

One of my star webinar students, Dylan Frost, is a master at recruiting affiliates.

He’s enlisted over 2,905 affiliates, built an email list of 200k+ and made $20M+ selling info products.

He even managed to recruit me, after I notoriously ignored him for 3 years!

So for the first time ever…

Dylan has graciously agreed to lead a training showing how to either;

  • Recruit massive amounts of affiliates to promote your product
  • Or write webinars promoting other people’s products and get a generous cut

…even if you’re an absolute nobody.

This training alone is a total game changer for you to get your business started, or catapult you to the top of the industry.

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