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[Get] Effortless SSL Profits System Download

Effortless SSL Profits System Download

The Effortless SSL Profits System Download
The Effortless SSL Profits System Download

Have you heard about Google’s new SSL requirement for websites?

Over 90% of sites are affected and most local business owners are completely unaware. Once a biz owner learns about this problem and how it will cost them customers and revenue, they become desperate to find a solution.

There is a MASSIVE opportunity over the next few months reselling SSL certificates to the biz owners who NEED them after this Google change, all with:

  • NO Hard selling – Simply alerting unaware business owners to this problem is enough to get them begging to buy a solution from you.
  • NO Technical setup – Reselling the right service means all the work is done for you.
  • NO Cost to get started – YOU collect fees for providing this service and pay the SSL provider AFTER you have collected the money. 500% profit margins

Now is the time to cash in on the SSL gold rush

Here’s what this SSL craze is all about: Google is scheduled to release an update to their chrome browser that will warn visitors when a website they are visiting does not have an SSL certificate installed.

This new warning has been all over the news:

SSL certificates are a way for websites to keep their visitor’s information safe by encrypting the communication. You’ve certainly seen websites that have this encryption, their address starts with ‘https’ instead of just ‘http’ (the S literately stands for secure).

Google is planning to mark EVERY website that doesn’t use https with a big red ‘UNSECURE’ marker.

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