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David Liu – YouTube Storytelling Beyond Retention Download

David Liu – YouTube Storytelling Beyond Retention Download

David Liu – YouTube Storytelling Beyond Retention Download
David Liu – YouTube Storytelling Beyond Retention Download

Better storytelling will grow your channel.

Hi, I’m Dabi, a doctor and YouTuber. these days though, I often spend my time helping YouTubers like yourself grow their channels by making better videos.

The above image is a screenshot of one of many longform videos I’ve worked on. But there’s one crazy thing about it: this channel only had 18K subs at the time we made this video.

YouTube growth essentially relies on three things: 1. market supply/demand (niche), 2. packaging (title/thumbnail), and 3. storytelling. And storytelling is, by far, the most complex of those three things.

I’ve developed a set of storytelling principles that have helped 4-5 videos on different channels get 1M+ views. My highest collabs so far have 3M+ and 6M+ views respectively on longform content (non-Shorts). And I’ve helped countless other channels get 100K-900K views, regardless of their sub count.

And in this course, I’d like to teach you everything I know about making your videos explode, thereby increasing the speed of your channel’s growth. 

This is how to increase your views significantly

Feeling stuck with your channel’s growth? Wanting to explode your views, but not sure how to get there?

The YouTube algorithm uses a metric called expected watch time per impression to determine how many views to give a YouTuber. The longer people watch your videos, the more views your video will get. And that’s basically the main reason this course should make a difference to your channel.

Videos I’ve worked on with 1M+ views

I’ve had the privilege of working with these YouTubers on their videos to help improve their storytelling, and therefore improve their views. Of course, I can’t take credit for everything – these YouTubers are great people and friends in their own right – but storytelling really made a huge difference to their growth.

And storytelling principles can make your videos grow, too.

Tried-and-tested principles that work for YouTube

This course contains:
  1. How to make videos that get promoted by the YouTube algorithm
  2. How to craft hooks that grab people’s attention immediately
  3. How to structure videos for retention
  4. How to make videos that engage people on differential emotional levels 
  5. How to interpret retention graphs properly so you can analyse your videos better
  6. How to avoid common retention dips 
  7. Detailed YouTube case studies with analyses you can’t find anywhere else
  8. Thumbnail design principles for improved CTR
…and much, much more.

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