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Alessandro Zamboni – Ai Children Book Empire + Pro Free Download

Alessandro Zamboni – Ai Children Book Empire + Pro Free Download

Alessandro Zamboni - Ai Children Book Empire + Pro Free Download
Alessandro Zamboni – Ai Children Book Empire + Pro Free Download
From: The desk of Alessandro Zamboni & Andreas Quintana
Dear Authors, Writers, And Friends,
Writing stories for kids is a fun job, but it’s not always easy as it seems. Writers have to think about a lot of things to make sure their books are good for kids to read. Here are some problems you will face if you try to launch stories for kids on yours own:
  • Choosing the Right Words: You need to use words that kids understand but also keep the story interesting. If children can’t comprehend some of your words, you are fired by their parents.
  • Knowing The Readers: Kids like different things depending on their age and where they come from. You need to know what kids of a certain age like, that is different from previous generations of readers.
  • Creating Characters Kids Like: The characters in the story need to feel real and relatable to kids, with their same problems, and looking for the same dreams to achieve.
  • Talking About Tough Stuff: Sometimes, stories deal with hard things like bullying or losing a loved one. You need to talk about these in a way that is okay for kids, or you will make a disaster.
  • Holding Kids’ Attention: Kids can get bored or confused easily. The story needs to be interesting and easy to follow for their age range.
  • Working with Pictures: For young kids, pictures in the book are very important. It can be hard for you to make sure the story and pictures go well together.
  • Being Sensitive To Everyone: Books for kids should show how different and special all people are. You need to be careful to respect everyone’s culture and background.
  • ​​Teaching Lessons: Many kids’ books teach important lessons. You need to do this in a way that’s fun and not too preachy.
  • And much, much more…
As you can see, creating story books for kids has been an absolute nightmare… until today. And it was also for the kids… annoyed to read the same story 100 times.

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