Here are the top 4 Pretty Verona Nails

Ombre Hearts Design – To get this design, paint  in white and cut out a heart shape on a tape and stick it on your nails. Apply two thick lines in contrasting shapes using a piece of sponge. Dab the sponge until you see a color change. However, instead of rubbing, just dab the sponge over the nails. Lastly, remove the tape and leave it to dry.

Musical Note Design – First, color the nails in white and draw three lines near the age with a brush or a marker. Using a big dotting tool, make two dots and use a marker to join them forming musical notes. Remember, you can have different notes on different verona nails and spa.

Marble Nail Design – Start by putting light color paint on the nail and let it to dry. Next, dab a few shades of pastel paint on them and wrap it in a plastic and tease the plastic over. You will see colors smudging over each other resembling water colors. Finally, gently remove the plastic and leave it to dry. This can also work out like verona nail spa and nail salons near me.

Color Block Design – Paint using the base color and leave them to dry. Use a light base color to allow other block parts to be painted in block colors. After the nails have dried, stick some tape across the nails with different colors. You should then paint the exposed parts with a different color. Remember, you can do this with a different color and still achieve the same results like Verona Nails Salon.

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