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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Rafeh Qazi – The Profitable Programmer Course 2.0 Download

Rafeh Qazi – The Profitable Programmer Course 2.0 Download

Rafeh Qazi - The Profitable Programmer Course 2.0 Download
Rafeh Qazi – The Profitable Programmer Course 2.0 Download

Finally, a system that shows you how to become a Python Django Full-Stack Web Developer and use those skills to charge what you’re worth. Even if you’ve never written a line of code…


    • Week 0: The Mindset of Highly Successful Developers – The first week we are gonna cover all the big picture things you need to know to become a badass developer
    • Week 1: Python Crash Course – We’ll cover all the python fundamentals. This will be the building blocks for developing python web apps
    • Week 2: Your Python Freelancer Portfolio Web App – I’ll give you your python freelancer portfolio & show you how to put it online so anyone in the world can see it! We use Python + Flask + Heroku.
    • Week 3: Full-Stack Todo List Web App with Python (C.R.U.D) – We’ll build a Todo List app in Python + deploy it online + put it on your portfolio.
    • Week 4: Python DJANGO Full-Stack Movie Web App We’ll build a full C.R.U.D enabled app with a database & deploy it online
    • Week 5: Local Development – You’ll learn how to develop web apps on your own computer so when the internet dies or you’re in a jungle… You can still code.
    • Week 6: How to Start Getting Python Coaching Clients – This week we’ll focus on you starting to earn an income from coding with the knowledge you currently have. You’ll be improving your skill, learning how to work with clients, earning an income, and adding more experience to your portfolio.
    • Week 7: HTML5 + Bootstrap 4 – Learn the building blocks of websites & their design
    • Week 8: How to Style Your Apps with CSS3 – You’ll learn how to style your apps & make them look DELICIOUS
    • Week 9: Javascript Crash Course – You’ll learn enough Javascript to be dangerous & work on Django projects comfortably that require you to know Javascript. Think AJAX my friend.
    • Week 10: Ultimate Environment for Python Dev with Pycharm – I’ll show you how to leverage the best code editor on the planet for Python & how it can 10x your productivity as a developer
    • Week 11: Django Crash Course – You’ll be a Django ninja when you’re done with this module… Admin, views, forms, models, & user authentication will be a joke for you.
    • Week 12: Git Version Control + Github – You’ll learn how to version control your app so you can put it in a time machine. If something goes bad, you can always travel back in time. This is a highly sought after skill no matter what language you’re a developer in.
    • Week 13: Python Django Blogging App (C.R.U.D) – We’ll build your blog + deploy it online + put it on your portfolio.
    • Week 14: Python Developer’s Guide to LinkedIn, Github, & FB – I’ll show you how to leverage social media as a python developer to get recruiters to hit you up on autopilot.
    • Week 15: Profit with Python (Freelance/Developer) – Now that you are ready… In the last week I’ll show you where to get your clients, how to attract them, & build projects for them that they will pay you for
    • Profitable Programmer Private Facebook Group – From zero coding skills to when you land a client & need help… We’re all here for each other.
    • Profitable Programmer VAULT – 1-on-1 Interviews + Bonuses with developers from Google, Codecademy, Facebook, | Founders of coding startups | Best Python Freelancers | Best Python Coaches.

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