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[Get] Local Startup Funding Formula – Mike Paul

Local Startup Funding Formula – Mike Paul Download

Local Startup Funding Formula Download
Local Startup Funding Formula Download
  • Why startup businesses are actually easier to approach than established ones.
  • The huge barrier would-be entrepreneurs face – and how you can profit handsomely by providing the solution.
  • Why business consulting is the perfect profession (provided you bring home the bacon).
  • The nuts and bolts of a typical deal. You’ll be amazed how simple it all is!
  • The simple secret to becoming your lender’s ‘favorite broker’.– and how you can profit handsomely by doing these 2 things…
  • How preparing your clients will ensure deals proceed as smoothly as silk.
  • Choosing the right lenders (and why some lenders aren’t what they claim to be – and why this is actually beneficial for you).
  • Three dynamic startup lending Partners who will pay you generous commissions, like clockwork.
  • How the average commission lenders pay starts at about $1,500 and could rise a lot higher, depending on the size of the loan.
  • Your ‘Secret Weapon’ to locate start ups ripe for targeting (definitely no cold calling needed – ever!).
  • The covert two-number key hardly anyone knows about (which you might already possess) which unlocks a treasure trove of new business owner listings – completely free of charge.
  • Exactly what to say to make it a slam dunk for you to fix appointmentswith the most qualified prospects.
  • How to outsource your lead generation. Perfect if you’re still treading the hated nine-to-five job treadmill.

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