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Groupon Predator + OTO’s Download

Groupon Predator Download
Groupon Predator Download + OTO’s Download

Fellow Local Consultant

We’re here today with a powerful way to land pre-qualified, virtually pre-sold local clients WITHOUT cold calling or expensive mailings or hassles…

It just may be the simplest, fastest way to fill up your client roster yet. And it all starts with a familiar name; Groupon.

Before you think you know all about Groupon, check out what we’ve discovered that NOBODY is talking about…

Then you’ll understand why we tell Businesses…


Here’s why: First, let’s look at what Groupon REALLY costs businesses who participate…

Groupon will demand the local business’s deal be at least 50% off the regular price. Next, they have to pay Groupon 50% of the purchase price (unless their offer is less than $10 in which case Groupon keeps 100% of the revenue). How nice!

So if the business agrees to sell a $100 Groupon for $50 after paying Groupon $25 they will have just $25 to pay wages, and overhead!

Business Insider Report says only about 1% of Groupon users become regular customers. The problem is that the cost of sale doesn’t really add up for the small business owner.

Supposedly local businesses only need to convert about 10% of Groupon buyers into regular customers to make good financial sense…

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  • The download link does not work, rapid gator prevents everybody from downloading it, demanding you sign up for their premium account. If you go any time of the day, they’ll tell you that you have reached your maximum download limit when you’ve never even heard of their site until now

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