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Derek Johanson – Build a Newsletter Download

Derek Johanson – Build a Newsletter Download

Derek Johanson – Build a Newsletter Download
Derek Johanson – Build a Newsletter Download


step-by-step video course for launching a wildly-profitable, easy-to-write, one-person newsletter from scratch — this weekend.

The Reverse Market Process

Confidently narrow down the best market (not “niche”) to cover in your newsletter

The Perfect Lead Magnet

How to create a lead magnet that gets your audience to subscribe and listen

Initial Setup

Go from zero to having your newsletter, domain, landing page, and lead magnets set up

Traffic Sources

Where to generate traffic for your landing page that turns into excited subscribers

Ideation and Research

The only two methods you’ll need to write content — even if you’re not an expert

The Six Copy Necessities

The only six pieces of content and copy you need to get your newsletter running

Tools & Tech

The exact tools and services I use to set up my newsletter businesses

Publishing Calendar

How often should you publish content and when? All your questions are answered.

The First Newsletter

The hardest part is getting started. We’ll construct your first newsletter together.

Worst Case Scenarios

Sometimes your newsletter won’t gain any traction. We’ll troubleshoot it here.

Monetizing With The 30 Second Survey

Get your subscribers to tell you what they’ll really happily pay (lots of) money for

And bonus interviews:

Bonus Interview #1

Interview with Tyler Denk, CEO of Beehiiv
Beehiiv is my favorite platform writing (and monetizing) newsletters, and in this interview, Beehiv’s CEO Tyler Denk talks about what he considers to be the best tactics for putting together a successful newsletter.
  • Best topics
  • How to monetize
  • Going deeper into newsletters as a business

Bonus Interview #2

Conversation with Tyler Gillespie, Beehiiv’s partnerships lead

In this deep dive we talk for over an hour on best newsletter practices — from someone who lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps newsletters every day.

  • What’s the best type of newsletter to start
  • What’s the best way to monetize
  • And so much more

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